How much we pay to create a website in UAE in 2023?


Create a website in UAE? we have shared information about the website development cost that will help you in the calculation of website development cost.

As for the cost to create a website in the UAE, it becomes difficult to answer because the question is not as simple as it is in itself. These factors include the type of the site, size, design, and the functionalities of the site. You must be clear about the requirement of your site.

First of all, you must be clear about what you do you want your to create a website in UAE. So, the first step is to determine the amount of money that a site would cost. Either you need a business website, online selling, just for online presence, etc.

This is How much we pay to create a website in UAE. The cost of a regular or simple website will be around AED 15,000.

if you need a website that will total focus on conversion and has a complex rich feature then the cost will be 50000AED.

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For a business website, it can be categorized into different types:

normal sized business website:

If you have a small business that has nothing much to do with online selling, instead you want the customers to visit your website and understand your business. For example, what products and services you provide. Therefore, a simple and small website is enough for such a business.

Website for Conversion-focused:

A conversion-focused business site is one that convinces, attracts, converts the users and influences your customers purchasing decisions. So, if you want to make more quality sales and leads, the conversion-focused site is a perfect decision for your service-focused businesses that is not only visibly attractive but also conducts properly structured sales messages for maximum effect to other competitors.

Basic eCommerce site:

An eCommerce website contains features that make you understand the crowd and boost your business. A standard e-commerce website contains features such as:

  • Interactive user interface
  • Customer care
  • Product catalogue
  • Special offers and discount
  • Wishlist’s and shopping carts
  • Cross-device compatibility
  • Security and policies
  • Useful shopping information

Use all payment options If you have a business, such as an online business, in which you wish to trade your products online, transaction services, receive payments and transfer funds on your site, then an e-commerce site is what you want to create a website in UAE.

Feature-rich custom site:

You would want to outperform your opponent when you own a vast business. For this, you will need a website tailored to the needs of your business. Such a business, your site wants large-scale data consolidation, custom built add-ons, a modern application, and features that are specific to the needs of your business website so that as a business owner, you are also able to maintain your customized website.

Let’s look into the second step of website cost calculation to create a website in UAE.

  • A website name is the destination address that a user types into a web browser’s search bar to visit your website. which is called a domain name that gives professional look.
  • To keep secure user details is too important, especially for e-commerce website owners. It’s required to create a trustable and reliable environment so that customers do shopping on your website hassle-free.
  • Once you got the domain name. Now you need to get SSL (secure socket layer) certificate installed.  SSL creates a coded link between a web server and a browser. You can choose the three types of SSL certificate.

Domain validated (DV SSL) certificate: without paper work immediate issuance.

Organization validated (OV SSL) certificate: checks the right of an applicant to use the specific domain and conducts some vetting of business organization.

Extended Validation Certificate (EV SSL) – Verifies an applicant’s right  to use a specific domain and performs a thorough audit of the organization.

Now the third step includes choosing the right web host. To make the website available for online viewing, you need to present your website on a web hosting service provider, and to the data of sites on a web server.

To select a suitable web host depends on several factors of your site such as how much resources and support you need from the provider. Select the convenient content management system and understand server types. While the cost depends on the factors mentioned above, a standard cost of create a website in UAE can be from 50 to 200 AED.

Done with the third step, let’s move forward to fourth step which is choosing a template or custom development. If you want a customised site that has specific features, your web design agency will charge you more on depending on the customisations, ranging from 3000 AED to 25000 AED and more.

You will need to invest if you want your web application to be more interactive or have a state of the art features such as data consolidation, contact, navigations and other.

The functions of your new website will impact your cost to create a website in UAE

The function of the website will affect the cost. The more complex it is the more expensive it will cost. With site like e-commerce sites you are using the website as shop. There will often many products, brands, product categories, sub-products etc.

Therefore, will be lot of work involved in e-commerce website development. E-commerce sites also have the ability for your customers to make their own profile and add all of their details. The website needs to be stable and all the transactions are made need to be safe and secure otherwise you will lose the customers trust.

The factors affect the cost to create a website in UAE

  • The size of the website.
  • Types of features your website will have.
  • The technology used to edit your website.
  • Marketing features (CRM, email marketing, automation, and personalisation).

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