A Study On The Impact Of Online Marketing Concerning Flipkart

The Impact Of Online Marketing Concerning Flipkart

Flipkart is India’s answer to Amazon. And like Amazon, the company is fast becoming one of India’s original unicorns. The company was founded in 2007 by two of his friends, Sachin and Bini Bansal, in Bengaluru and is own by Walmart. It’s one of India’s great success stories. The secret to their growth? Flipkart’s successful online marketing strategy. Let’s take a closer look at Flipkart’s journey over the years. Flipkart was born when the two founders worked for global e-commerce giant Amazon in Bengaluru. Flipkart also began selling books only on its website. After getting funding and showing significant growth, they switched to another category.

Bansals produced gold after their initial funding, with growth rates doubling every three months, and received multiple rounds of funding from American and Indian investors. Their revolutionary cash-on-delivery feature paved the way for their growth among skeptical Indian consumers who were just starting to discover online purchases. This has helped consumers get their product before paying for it as a kind of insurance against many logistical hurdles in India, a brilliant stroke!

Flipkart has grown into an e-commerce

Flipkart has grown into an e-commerce giant in India. This was further strengthened by a deal with Walmart in 2018 when Bansals sold a 77% stake in their company for $ 16 billion and a valuation of the company was around $ 22 billion. It’s not a one-night stand. A lot of work has been done. Today we are going to take a look at the marketing strategies that made this company successful!

Flipkart’s online marketing strategy

Let’s talk about Flipkart’s comprehensive marketing strategy. At first glance, their reasons seem to focus on being present at every point of contact their customers follow. Today means spending a large part of your budget on digital channels and marketing. With India being the first mobile nation, this is sure to pay off.

Flipkart also invests in incredible power and influencer marketing. India loves Bollywood, we all know it, and Flipkart uses this to sell its products and to raise awareness, of course.  Ranbir Kapoor, Aliya Bhat, Amitabh Bachchan, and Shraddha Kapoor star in the Flipkart TV commercial and their online campaign. This shows that Flipkart not only has deep pockets, but it is also paying close attention to the pulse of the market as well.

Significantly increased its digital marketing budget

In recent years, Flipkart has significantly increased its digital marketing budget. Previously, they spent a lot of money on multi-channel marketing campaigns, which made a lot of money. Since Kalyan Krishnamurthy took over Flipkart in 2017, their marketing strategy has undergone a major overhaul – lighter and very digital, which works out well for them.

Flipkart’s marketing strategy is solid and stable; it certainly doesn’t hurt if a brand like Flipkart has a deep pocket and can bring its marketing efforts to life. The best thing about Flipkart is that they are great for conveying a consistent message across platforms.

As a marketer, here are my top Flipkart breakthroughs:

  • Influencer marketing and star power are huge in India – Flipkart understands this and does not use these channels to gather traffic and opinions.
  • Flipkart also has a strong focus on visual advertising – be it video, messaging, or even reality TV. As a fashion brand, this is great and shows that they understand the product and its audience.
  • Multichannel ads are great. While Flipkart manages the effectiveness of its online advertising with performance marketing, they are also loaded with offline commercials and TV commercials, which demonstrate a good understanding of the audience.
  • Experiments are always great, and Flipkart isn’t shy – as one of the early adopters of gamification and VR.

The customer is truly king. Their advice has always been excellent and their hugely successful Billions Day is proof of that. When customers, many of whom are still traditional when it comes to buying clothes online, want to stop shopping and order online, and in some cases even prepay, you know Flipkart is doing the right thing.

The process has an impact on online marketing in India as well as make online marketing a trend. Because Flipkart is the mother of digital marketing in India!

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