Should You Use Conditioner First or The Shampoo Read The Answer To This Now!


Shampoo or/with/along Conditioner! Big question but short answer. The usual way of cleansing hair lies in washing hair with shampoo and then conditioning the hair. However, a new trend has come up. It says that conditioning can be done first before shampooing or skipping the shampoo part. The traditional way of shampooing is preferred as it removes dirt, product build up, oil and sweat. It leaves the hair frizzy but applying conditioner after washing solves the issue.

Shampoo or Conditioner

You can use the best quality of shampoo rather using any other conditioners. That may good effect in your hair. That is a part of your lifestyle. The new way of reverse shampooing can be done once a week if you feel shampooing very often is making your hair dull or rough. Order the best shampoo for hair and then condition it.

Main difference between Conditioner and Shampoo

The main distinction between the shampoos and conditioners is that the shampoos consist of cleansing agents while the conditioners don’t. The conditioners don’t have cleansing agents (surfactant or detergent compounds). Few mild shampoos may include some conditioning agents like silicon’s, natural oils, and proteins. The shampoo creates lather, but conditioners do not. Shampoos do not add moisture, whereas conditioners add moisture to your hair.

Should you use Conditioner before Shampoo

There is no scientific research data to support the fact of using conditioner before shampoo and its effectiveness. If you feel your hair has become greasy, you can try this process of pre-wash conditioning. There are no harmful effects. Do reverse washing once a week. You can give it a try. See the process:

  • Massage your hair with conditioner and leave it for a few minutes.
  • Do not wash away the conditioner but apply the shampoo and let it create foam
  • At the same time, Wash away both the shampoo and conditioner

Here in the above process, the conditioner acts as

  • The Primer Liquid
  • Let the best shampoo distribute by evenly
  • It protects all your hair strands from the stripping away with natural oils of the tight hair.

Who can opt for the Reverse washing method

The reverse hair washing can done infrequently by people who have damage, dry and rough hair. Washing the hair without shampoo can be opted by the people who have dehydrated hair, hair prone to breakage, and curly hair.

Avoid the products containing silicon as they can make your hair lifeless and dull. If you are using a conditioner with silicon, you need to wash your hair with a clarifying it every two weeks to clean up the buildup. People with curly or coarse hair can surely opt for a pre-wash shampooing method as the coarse hair strands lose moisture very fast.

Final Words

So, the regular shampooing and reverse hair washing can dobut not more than twice a week. Both the shampoos and conditioners have their components to work alone. Cleansing is crucial to eliminate dirt, sweat, and pollutants. Conditioner helps in smoothing your hair. You can look for some best face skin care cream to get glowing skin.



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