What is web hosting? What are the Types of Hosting?

With the rise in the Digital World, the use of websites has also increased. Many people have started to enter this world with full enthusiasm but they don’t know much about the web hosting service. This is the reason why they end up with the wrong hosting service. You should not hurry in the selection and take your time to first understand which are the types of hosting. The best way to save money is to go for Web Hosting Black Friday Deals.

There are many reasons for searching for a new web hosting company. You might be starting a new website or you are unsatisfied with the performance or results of the current web host service. Whatever might be the reason the answer should be wise. In this article we will understand the meaning of hosting and what are its types:

Web hosting

Web host services are the platform where website owners host their websites. The servers of these websites are deployed in the data centers which are located in different regions. Many people include the server location in their web hosting selection for getting a better network. 

In the web host platform, the websites are provided with the server, webspace, database, email service, security, and many more. For getting all these services people start to use the hosting service to get better results. 

Now after understanding what web hosting is, now is the time to understand the different types of web hosting. In the below section all the types of web hosting are explained in detail:

Shared hosting

The most initial and standard form of web hosting is shared hosting. It is usually preferred by the users who have started afresh in the hosting scenario. They don’t have much traffic and in the initial, with low traffic and smaller sites, the shared hosting works best. There are doubts and confusion in many people’s minds about why shared hosting is so cheap. The question is fair because the hosting service is usually taken as expensive. 

In shared hosting the servers are shared between different sites which in turn decreases the cost of the web hosting service. But there are many disadvantages as well of shared hostings like downtime and lagging because it is shared with other sites as well. If other sites are getting traffic then your site can lag. But it can be fine if you have a very new site that does not have much traffic. 

VPS hosting

A virtual private server is a more advanced form of shared hosting. In it as well your website will share the server with other websites. But the sharing is kept down in numbers. In shared hosting, a lot of websites share servers which slows down the speed. 

But at the VPS server, the number of websites on one server is less which does not affect the speed much. So for those who do not have a very popular site with too high traffic but still want to maintain the speed then the Virtual private server is the ideal choice. You can get the service of a higher caliber by paying only a little more than the shared hosting. This will improve the performance impressively. 

Dedicated hosting

Dedicated server hosting makes itself clear with its name. Unlike the VPS and shared hosting in the dedicated server hosting you don’t have to share your website on the server which is also taken by others. It is entirely yours and it helps the websites that have high traffic and needs security. 

With the high number of traffic and visitors every day, dedicated server hosting will prove to be beneficial in maintaining the performance and customers on your site. The Uptime and speed are improved when a website switches to a dedicated server. Due to these fast-loading sites, the ranking and conversion rates both improve at the same time. 

Cloud web hosting

Cloud hosting is a web hosting type that does not let your site lag at any cost. The pricing and plan of the cloud server do justice to the kind of service it provides to its users and their website. Usually, when the server gets harmed or attacked your website will stop working. But at cloud hosting your website will not face any downtime because when one server is at rest the website is conducted or hosted by another server. 

WordPress web hosting

The name itself suggests the specialty of this web hosting service. The WordPress hosting service is the ideal choice for anyone who’s running a WordPress site. They can get many benefits and features for a WordPress site because it is optimized in such a way that proves to be helpful for a WordPress site. 

The easy installation or single installation are the most basic features of WordPress hosting. If you go for managed WordPress hosting then the benefits will add up and you can get more than in unmanaged WordPress hosting. You will get extra security and backup services in the managed WordPress hosting. This level of security keeps your day safe because that is the real asset of a website. 

Reseller hosting

Reseller hosting is the type of hosting service that is useful and effective for the agents who manage many websites and develop many websites. They are agents and they sell the hosting service to their clients. If you as well are planning to sell the website to other organizations then you can also check for the reseller web hosting options. 



What is hosting used for?

Hosting is used to hit your websites and provides services to the company like security, database, emails, and other features. 

What are hosting charges?

The hosting charges depend on the type of hosting that you pick. Even every web hosting company has its own pricing and plans for its users. 

Is there any free web hosting?

Yes, there are many web hosting services or companies that provide the service of web hosting for free. You just need to select the one which stands right on your requirements. 

Which one should you pick?

There are no right answers to the question of which one is the best hosting. But there has to be the answer to the question of which one should be picked by you for hosting your website. It entirely depends on the requirements that you have to host your website. The density of the traffic, type of content, and budget obviously decide which web hosting should you pick. 

For anyone who is just starting out with their website, the shared hosting will work fine. They don’t have much traffic and content which can be optimized even in the shared hosting. For a growing business VPS hosting will be ideal. 

For larger site that is grown and needs a dedicated server and space is it’s own they will do well with the dedicated server hosting. 

The new bloggers who are using or having a WordPress site, they can benefit from the WordPress hosting. For a big website that is facing a huge growth in traffic and visitors must go for cloud hosting. The agents also know a website that helps them for web development, decide for yourself what your website is like and what its requirements are. 


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