Common Myths to bust about health

Common Myths About Health

Common Myths- Being a human and living being the only treasure we can earn is good health. We all know our body is our home and we have to spend our whole life in our body.
But since our childhood, we have heard and believed many health myths. They are so deeply rooted in us that no matter what we still keep believing them.
Why not this lockdown, we break all our myths and take on more steps towards our healthy life.

below are 5 common myths to bust about our health

1. Going out with wet hair gets you sick

This is the most common and logical myth we have heard since our childhood.
It turns out, though, that leaving the house just after a shower isn’t going to make you sick… unless you’re already sick, that is.
In 2005, researchers tested the hypothesis that chilling your body increases your chances of being infected with the common cold virus, also known as acute viral nasopharyngitis.
Their results found that, no, it doesn’t. But it can cause the onset of symptoms if the virus is already in your body.
So if you’re afraid that you might be sick but have a very important meeting tomorrow, you may want to blow-dry your hair before you leave the house.

2. We should drink more than 8 glass of water

This is one more common myth we head on regular basis. Our bodies are remarkably efficient machines when it comes to letting us know when something’s off.
Many of the foods we eat regularly already contain water.
According to the Centers for Disease Control and PreventionTrusted Source, a healthy person can meet their daily water needs by doing two simple things: drinking when you’re thirsty and drinking with meals.

3. White teeth are healthy teeth and yellowish teeth are unhealthy teeth

This myth has taken over to many people and they keep using teeth whitening cream to make their teeth white as light. The truth is, natural healthy teeth are not totally white but slightly yellowish.
The minerals and chemicals used in teeth whitening cream can change the natural structure of your teeth which can give an adverse long-term effect. The only unhealthy teeth are those which have plaque and bad odor.

4.Microwave ovens cause cancer

Microwaves heat your food: nothing more, nothing less. They do emit electromagnetic radiation, a form of non-ionizing radiation similar to the radiofrequency waves that come from your cell phone (which also won’t give you cancer),
but non-ionizing radiation isn’t known to cause cancer in humans because it isn’t strong enough to alter the structure of cells.

5.You Should Remove Sugar Entirely From Your Diet

It’s not the use of Sugar that is the problem but misuse. Sugar is not entirely bad for health and it requires an insignificant amount.
Naural sugar is important which can find in fruits, vegetables, etc. Lack of sugar can also cause various diseases so you must intake it insignificant amount.



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