High Calories Foods That Are Good For Health

High calories foods:

Maintaining a healthy diet and intake high calories foods is all about moderation. Just like with everything in life, there is a limit above which you shouldn’t pass, even if we are talking about the healthiest foods.

In this way, the whole foods provide the organism with everything it needs, from nutrients to calories.

Chia seeds:

However, some of these contain a bit too much of the latter – so you need to think twice when, for example, adding extra chia seeds to your smoothie.

And this is the best example to be given. Recognized as a superfood because of its many nutrients, the chia seeds are also high calories foods. In this way, with a single teaspoon, you add instantly 70 calories to your intake.

Pecun nuts:

Another great example is consisted by the pecan nuts, who are a great source of protein, mineral, and vitamins. Even more, the pecan nuts also contain the good types of fats, the ones that actually help the heart.

However, they are also high calories foods,  meaning that just an ounce (or 28 grams) of pecan nuts contains 196 calories. So maybe it is a good idea to have just a handful of these while snacking instead of more.


Quinoa is another type of grain that is cherished for being a valuable source of proteins. Even more, many consider that it is a better alternative to rice, as far as its caloric value is concerned.

But this is also a common mistake since a cup of cooked quinoa has the same amount of calories (or even slightly more) than a cup of cooked brown rice.

So if you don’t want to add 222 calories to your intake which is very high calories foods, it would be better if you treated quinoa as you treat rice or even pasta.


And since we mentioned rice, many still believe that rice crackers are a healthy alternative to regular crackers.

However, in most cases, there is no actual caloric difference between them, with the nutrients being on the same level (low). So maybe you should snack on anything else than rice crackers.

Dark chocolate:

As another common mistake, we should also mention that dark chocolate isn’t lighter just because is dark, with some bars containing as much as 600 calories. The same goes for the gluten-free cookies (which, at times, contain even more calories than the regular high calories foods).

The whole wheat bread (you really need to check the labels and the ingredients), the olive oil (one tablespoon adds 119 calories to your intake), the raisins and the dates, honey and other types of toppings for yogurt, and so on.
So it can be a bit tricky to eat healthy food and not pack up too many calories. But the best thing is that all you need to do is pay attention to labels and ingredients.

Curry dishes:

Leave aside the curry dishes (most contain more than 400 calories per serving), the purchased potato salads (with more than 460 calories per serving), the ground beef, and the beef liver (that are rich in both calories and fat).

The salmon (it is healthy, but it also contains a whopping 734 calories per filet, without counting the side dishes), the ordered smoothies (which can pack the same amount of calories as a curry dish in even less of an amount).

The pretzels, the popcorn, the breadcrumbs (which is, basically, bread), and quite a few others, all of these are very high calories foods.

Final words:

Stick to what is healthy – and if you still don’t know what do to, stick to whole foods and never ever overdo it!

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