WINDOWS 11: What’s New, Top Features You Should Be Excited About

Microsoft just authoritatively reported Windows 11, the following enormous rendition of its working framework. It’s a stupendous delivery for Windows, contacting everything from the refreshed visuals and multitasking to new gaming highlights. The significant Windows 11 declarations moved in at a fast speed from Microsoft, however there was a ton of new features to be excited about.

The last form of Windows 11 isn’t coming until this Christmas season,

However here are the 5 most significant features highlights to know about

The new Start Menu, Taskbar, and search

The main thing that stood apart to us in Windows 11 is the new Start Menu. In spite of the fact that dubious, this is perhaps the most thrilling changes for us. The plan introduces another period of Windows for Microsoft, and ushers Windows 10 into the past.

Rather than being headed toward the left as it has since Windows 95 (besides in Windows 8,) Microsoft is currently pushing the Start Menu to the middle, however you can in any case move it to one side in the event that you need.

That by itself is a major change, however the plan is diverse as well. Rather than including Live Tiles, and a not insignificant rundown of applications, the Windows 11 Start Menu shows you “stuck” applications and your latest documents. It makes getting to the things you need to utilize simple with negligible interruption, and it is very reviving.

Indeed, even the Taskbar is centred so that applications show up in the centre of your screen where your eyes normally go.

Dark mode features

Dark Mode was where the Windows 10 consistently endured. Changing to dark mode may not generally change the way some framework applications and settings pages look. All things considered, in Windows 11, Microsoft has attempted to change that. There are still a few regions that aren’t completely viable with dark mode, however the manner in which it looks on title bars, the taskbar, and Action Centre is truly reviving to the eyes.

Rounded corners

Windows 10 had a great deal of level edges, however that is changing in Windows 11.  It’s quite possibly the most perceptible things in the working framework, and it likewise looks astounding.


Presently, there are a huge load of various animations all through Windows 11. Moving Windows around your screen for multitasking shows a glasslike obscured impact before your backdrop. Also, contacting the highest point of a window with your finger shows another window diagram, assisting you with understanding where it will go.

In any case, that is not all. Opening and shutting applications, minimising and maximizing windows — they all have new animations. Applications currently limit as they leap to the Taskbar. They likewise have an impact where they open from within on the off chance that you click the amplify button. It’s anything but another vibe for the maturing Windows.

Multitasking Features

Quite possibly the most widely recognized things individuals use in Windows is split-screen applications. In Windows 11, Microsoft seems to have added a “gatherings” include. In the event that you drift over the boost button, you’ll see six different ways you can match up your dynamic windows with any remaining open windows. You would then be able to tap the fasten and make a gathering, and Windows 11 will recollect the mix.



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