Windows 11 Introducing New User Interface And Start Menu

New User Interface for Windows 11

Windows 11, the newest version of Windows operating system is definitely a revolution in terms of design and user experience. This is why lots of people are talking about the start menu and other new user interface features in Windows 11. Although these features aren’t too flashy, they can certainly add to the efficiency of your computer. But just what are these new user interfaces, and how do they work? The introduction of the start menu in Windows is probably one of the biggest changes that have been seen in Windows operating system. Start Menu is the new name for the control panel or control keys and it has become the center of focus in Windows.

New Version of Start Menu

Easy to access of Windows 11

The introduction of the start menu in Windows has brought with it a number of changes and new functions that you would not have expected. This is because the old style of start menu was removed making way for a much cleaner and easier to use panel. It has been greatly simplified so that the new panel is easy to access with just a simple click of the mouse. Previously you had to scroll down using the keyboard’s scroll bar in order to see all the options that were available. You also had to double click on the start menu and view the options there as well. That’s not all, if you were moving items around on the start menu. You had to click the new location where it was placed in order to access it.

Quickly find and remove the program

With the introduction of the start menu there’s also been added another useful tool in the control panel. You can quickly find and remove programs from the startup task list. This is a very convenient feature and one that every Windows user should be very thankful for. It saves you time when trying to find and remove programs from the start menu and allows your computer to boot faster. Startup management is a very useful and simple feature in the Windows system. That makes life easier and doesn’t take the user long at all.

Of course the start menu is just one small part of the new user interface that is now available with Windows. Another nice addition is the redesigned Control Panel window. This gives you a quick overview of all your installed software that are related to your programs that are running.

With this new tool you can also do a quick comparison between similar programs on the Internet. It’s much easier than before to make an informed decision on what programs you choose to use with your computer and Internet connection at home.

The action center

In addition to start up management there are many other new user interface features that have been added as well. The Action Center is a great example of a new and useful feature. This center provides you a quick overview of your most active tasks right at the top of the screen. You can easily go to each program and then perform a specific action related to it. This new user interface makes it easy to access important information quickly and makes it more efficient when doing work.

Final Words

The Windows 11 operating system has completely changed the way we use our computers. With the user interface improvements we’ve been introduced. Comes a wealth of new features and upgrades that make using the computer a breeze. There’s no need to wait around for the start up, a start menu or the task bar. Because everything you need is right at your fingertips.

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