Top 7 Plagiarism Checking Tools for Blog Writers to Avoid Duplicity

Plagiarism, whether intentional or unintentional, can bring consequences to your website. The content published on a website is supposed to stand out from what’s already posted on the web. Search engines maintain this factor before featuring any new content in SERPs.

In this case, bloggers find it challenging to post about something already available online. It’s even more frustrating to learn about plagiarism after posting your blog. But we can save ourselves from this embarrassing accusation by performing a plagiarism check on our content. Online plagiarism checking tools provide us with a wide variety of options to evaluate our content’s uniqueness.

In this article, we will feature top plagiarism checkers for blog writers to assist them in developing unique blog posts.

1. Grammarly

Grammarly is an online tool that built quite a good reputation among web content writers and bloggers. The Grammarly premium version offers an authentic plagiarism checking service besides quality grammatical mistakes checks.




Besides the plagiarism checking service, you unlock the full functionalities of this tool, like clarity check and synonym suggestions.

The supportive features of Grammarly are available on almost every platform. It works as a Word and browser plugin. You can also download the Grammarly application for your desktop, android, or IOS platform.

Grammarly extension offers a real-time grammar correction service while you’re typing anywhere in your browser. The same feature is available in Grammarly’s Word plugin, which provides plagiarism checking in addition.

A Grammarly browser extension is also very beneficial for writing official emails. The extension highlights any mistakes in run-time to enhance your real-time writing experience. Official emails impose a confident impression that is easy to read, error-free and compelling.

Editors and bloggers can use the Grammarly extension and plugin service to upload or update their posted content. But even being a very famous online tool, Grammarly lacks when it comes to plagiarism report generation.


  • Allows real-time grammar checking
  • Provides clarity and engagement suggestions for words
  • Accurate plagiarism checking service
  • Includes option to deactivate suggestion
  • Available as a browser extension and editor plugin
  • Highlights improvement with different colored underlines


  • Requires paid subscription to unlock the full capability of this tool.
  • Lacks plagiarism report generation feature

2. Prowritingaid

As mentioned in the name, this tool provides aid in writing professional content, articles, publications, and blog posts.

Prowritingaid online platform is more than just a grammar and plagiarism checker. You get more tools and settings to enhance your writing than any other platform on this site.

With Prowritingaid, you get more report writing insights than any online tool. This tool highlights mistakes like repetition, irrelevant wording, wordy sentences, passive voice correction, and over-use of adverbs.

Along with the grammar checking service, the plagiarism checker by Prowritingaid helps to enhance the writing style and strength.

Grammar aid provides suggestions or corrections while plagiarism checker tools rates the uniqueness of that content.

Prowritingaid plagiarism checker provides enhancing reliable solutions for bloggers and writers. However, the duplication-checking algorithms analyze our content to match for any offline, online, or any sort of written content from online databases.

Prowritingaid plagiarism checking tools will let you know of duplicated content by highlighting sentences. Since, the tool checks our content to bring the exact match, if any, with the copied content that is already available online.

This tool generates a descriptive output after analyzing your entire content. However, it allows a plagiarism score which tells us how much of the content is duplicated from any online source. Results also feature URL sources that include content similar to our writings.

Aiding every need for your writing, Prowritingaid also ensures the safety of your data. Your text is only accessible by this tool until it is available on-screen. No data or text will be saved in the tool’s database.

Prowritingaid plagiarism checking tools is not free as you’ll have to avail of a paid plan based on several checks. The economic plans give 100 checks for 40 USD.


  • Available as a Chrome extension with support on multiple platforms
  • Aids more than 20 reporting types
  • A trial based 14-days money-back guarantee
  • Various integrations to perform checks
  • Updated English vocabulary database and correction algorithm


  • The interface lags if you put more than ten thousand words into editing
  • Plagiarism checks cost separately based on the number of checks

3. Writerzen

Writerzen has built a reputation with its user-friendly interface and accurate performing algorithms.

It is a perfect solution to bring an all-in-one tool for writers, marketers, SEO managers, and bloggers. However, with this tool, you get complete online services for posting any web-based content writing.

This tool brings us all-in-one SEO solutions, including plagiarism checking tools. However, with this tool, you can write content that ranks well among search engines and maintains the uniqueness factor for every platform.

Writerzen brings a promise of originality by performing a careful analysis of our content for any duplicated portion. Since the plagiarism checking tools gets results and highlights matches based on any specific source or link.

This tool has a built-in plagiarism checking tools similar to the Grammarly plagiarism checker. However, the built-in feature enables real-time plagiarism checks and grammar checks while you’re working on the content.

The number of plagiarized sentences is mentioned by the tool above the matched resources column.

The plagiarism checking tools goes through the google database featuring millions of web pages to score your content’s uniqueness from all over the web. Since the tool lets you download plagiarism reports of your content to prove your content’s quality.

Plagiarism service is offered under variable pricing plans for monthly or yearly subscriptions. However, the paid service can be canceled at any time, and a lot of money-back guarantees.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Interactive built-in features
  • AI-based analysis algorithm
  • Flexible pricing options
  • Report generation feature


  • Services require advance payments
  • It does not mention the percentage of plagiarized content

4. Prepostseo

This plagiarism checker is one of the most used checkers by students and bloggers as it provides an authentic plagiarism report with the original sources.

Secondly, there are three options to upload a text file to check the duplication, and all these three are listed below.

  • Local storage.
  • Google Drive.
  • Dropbox

For the ease of the users, Prepostseo offers a chrome extension that will surely save your time.

There is one good option that you can upload your file in four formats i.e., doc, docx, pdf, and txt. It means you don’t need to convert your file to a specific format.

The website’s interface is easy for content marketers, bloggers, and writers. This AI-based text analyzing tool gives you all the details about the resources matching your featured content.

The best part is that you can generate reports of your checks which is also free of cost for unregistered users.

The plagiarism report features a percentage score and highlights each section relating to the duplicated online source.

Not sure what to do with highly plagiarized content? Don’t worry; you can also remove plagiarism with plagiarism checking tools with a single click to make your content unique with the paraphrasing option.


  • Wide variety of freeware services
  • Plagiarism report generation and downloading option
  • WordPress plugin integration
  • Mobile application and browser extension support
  • Option to select multiple languages
  • Accurate checking service with an option to reduce plagiarism


  • Limited word checking under the free usage
  • No plugin available for MS word or offline editors

5. Unicheck

Unicheck offers a great set of solutions to meet the customized requirements of enterprise and personal use for individuals. However, this tool can provide an improvised set of solutions with its online-based platform.

There is no need to download software or application. Since this plagiarism checking tool works with a cloud-based service.

The plagiarism service is not free of cost, and it comes with different paid plans. However, the best part is making your customized pricing plan based on your usage.

All the plagiarism checking tools features are embedded in this online-based tool, making it easier to generate originality reports without any extra features or manuals. Since all the duplicated content will be underlined once you run the text through a plagiarism check.

Unicheck plagiarism service ensures complete data privacy, complying with FERPA and GDPR privacy policies. However, this tool also provides a private submission repository service for institutes and consortiums.

This tool provides maximum uptime, ensuring 24×7 availability for its users. However, this plagiarism checking tools responsiveness and accuracy are two significant factors to face high load sessions without crashing.


  • Accurate plagiarism checking tools
  • Inclusive report generation
  • Maximum uptime
  • Customizable pricing plans
  • Secure plagiarism checks


  • Plugin and extension support is not efficient
  • No freeware service for new users


6. DMCA Scan

DMCA is among the most famous tools to save bloggers and online publishers from plagiarism penalties. Since, with 800K satisfied users, this plagiarism checking tools has built a reputation in an online marketplace.

This tool is effective to scan for plagiarism, but it also helps you protect your content against copyright infringements.

It means if your content is unique, DMCA will also provide copyright protection besides ensuring that it is unique.

Although if you want to avail of any of its services, you may have to register by entering your personal and financial credentials. Since the tool has various options to deal with content thieves.

We can issue a File DMCA content take-down notice to the source site using our content. However, the content will be removed from that source if the allegation is valid under the Digital Millennium copyright act.


  • Plagiarism checking tools with the site’s link
  • Protect content including text, images, and videos from copyright infringement
  • Allows to post copyright badges on the content to keep visitors up to date
  • We can add a watermark with images to own them


  • Requires registration to provide any service


This plagiarism detector will identify even the most minor duplication in your content and suggest you make it unique.

The plagiarism checker analyzes each sentence carefully and gives results based on the most accurate ratings from its algorithms.

These complex algorithms work through the extensive online database to deal with any plagiarized content from any source. However, this tool allows you to assess your content with great accuracy but, of course, under a pricing plan.

Although this plagiarism checking tools does offer an option to make your customized pricing plan based on features and subscriptions, the functioning and interface of this tool are much like Turnitin.

Since, thousands of students, bloggers, and journalists rely on this plagiarism checking tools to develop unique content. However, that’s because this plagiarism checking tool offers more than plagiarism checking and enables you to improve the quality of your text.


  • Option to download reports
  • Integration with Google Docs
  • Accurate results
  • Rearranges words and sentences to improve the structure


  • Provides different results on every check
  • It takes a while to load the results

How can bloggers avoid plagiarism?

We can’t post or write about something using the exact wording that someone has already used. This reason makes plagiarism more like theft in the eyes of an online community.

But sometimes, we’re not necessarily taking someone else’s word, which makes us a victim of unintentional plagiarism. Blog writers can follow these tips to avoid accidental plagiarism:

  • Perform thorough research: Extracting information from a source with the same topic as your research is not helpful. It’s recommended that bloggers perform a detailed analysis of their cases to generate precise and unique information for readers.
  • Use your own words: Taking an idea is one thing, but taking the exact terms of someone’s writing is intentional plagiarism. Writing content in your own words is vital, which allows your blog to stand apart from other resources.
  • Use citations: It is beneficial to add a reference or critical points related to your blog’s content. If you appreciate the source’s credibility, citing a quote or mentioning a source may save you from plagiarism penalties.


When you’re publishing a blog, it represents your ownership and responsibility for that content. Therefore, it is expected of any blogger to present that content with a touch of uniqueness. The writing should offer something new to resolve users’ queries. So, this article will help your to remove the plagiarism from your article with the help of this plagiarism checking tools.

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