Why See a Specialist for Dry Eye Problems?

Dry eye is a vexing problem that might have different impacts on different people. This is the reason, why people having dry eye problems must customize their treatment based on their unique needs. That said, your regular doctor might not have all the required insight needed to successfully manage dry eyes, thus, make sure you consult a specialist for dry eyes. These specialists are known as ophthalmologists. Ophthalmologists are the only ones who have the knowledge and skills to control and manage dry eyes with ease and comfort.

Chronic Dry Eye Can Disrupt Your Life and Damage Your Eyes if Goes Untreated

Since tears are naturally produced by your eyes. Most of us, don’t think much about how many tears are being produced unless we experience symptoms of chronic dry eye. Chronic dry eye can be defined as a condition when your eyes fail to produce sufficient tears and your lacrimal glands reduce their function significantly. Dry eye conditions can range from mild to severe.

There are certain preventions and treatments that can avail and over-the-counter artificial tears are one of the treatments that helps you to treat the condition along with basic lifestyle adjustments. Sometimes, the chronic dry eye might lead you to face serious complications. This is the primary reason, why you must always consult a specialist for dry eye.

Here are some of the important reasons why you must see a specialist for dry eyes so that you can chalk out for a healthy eye.

Your Symptoms Refuse to Go Away

A dry eye resulting from environmental factors can be temporary and might quickly resolve either with or even without a cure. However, dry eye can sometimes refuse to go away while settling as a serious problem. Dry eyes can start affecting your eyes adversely without a proper reason. Sometimes, doctors can even fail to understand the conditions that have caused it in the first place.

Since the dry eye can result in various complications, always consult your doctor if your symptoms refuse to disappear. Prolonged symptoms like scratchiness and persistent burning might indicate the dryness has worsened.

Over the Counter, Medicines Don’t Show Any Effect

It is fine if you have first turned to over-the-counter medicines to treat chronic dry eye. However, in case of severe dryness, the OTC eyedrops might not show any effect. You might have to contact an ophthalmologist if these medications fail to offer sufficient lubrication. After proper diagnosis, your ophthalmologist might suggest special eye drops or even stimulating drugs in the form of gel or pill. For better treatment must see a specialist for dry eyes and undergo periodic eye tests so that you get know the gravity by which your eyes have improved or deteriorated.

You Start Developing Other Symptoms

The chronic dry eye might be a symptom of a different health condition altogether. Hence, you must see a specialist for dry eyes, in case you experience any other symptoms apart from dry eyes. Discuss all the symptoms that you might be facing with your ophthalmologist. Your doctor might suggest you consult another doctor with different skills if he fails to identify the symptoms.

You Are Unable to Keep Your Eyes Open

Despite using OTC artificial eye drops, dryness can turn serious and severe. The severity of the dryness might make it difficult for you to keep your eyes open. When you are no longer able to keep your eyes open, performing regular activities like reading, driving, and working might become a burden. While artificial tears might relieve you for some time. You might have to turn to some special drop at some point in the day.

This is the time when you might need stronger and more effective doctor-prescribed eyedrops to offer you relief either twice or once a day. Chronic dry eye can disrupt your quality of life. Besides, it can also affect your vision and mood. Your symptoms might turn worse if you don’t get the treatment you need. Consult a specialist for dry eyes or an optometrist if you develop any symptoms or if the OTC treatments can’t cure your dryness.




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