Exercises to Reduce Chronic Pain

Chronic pain affects millions of people worldwide every year. It leads to high treatment costs and lost productivity. The medical industry is making tons of profit by selling medications for treating chronic pain. The most effective treatment for chronic pain is exercises. A normal exercise routine will help in decreasing inflammation, increasing mobility, and decreasing overall pain levels. It will also prevent you from taking additional medication.

Let’s have a look into a different exercise regime that you can use to help in chronic pain-

Cardio Exercises

Cardiovascular exercises can help you a lot in getting physical and mental benefits. Chronic pain is immensely relieved by the good effect of cardio. The best thing is that cardio can be done any time of the entire day and there is no need for specified space or tools. The most basic cardio exercises you can do are-


The simple walking routine of 30 minutes daily can increase your strength, endurance, and overall health. You will find that your body rejuvenates after a brisk walking. You can start slow and then build up your pace changing a normal walk into a brisk walk.


Swimming is one hell of healthy activity. It tones the muscles and makes the body flexible. It is also therapeutic and a great way for meditation while exercising. There are immense benefits of swimming for the human body which can relieve chronic pain.

Relaxation Exercises

Relaxation exercises are bull’s eye for chronic pain. They also provide the ability to do them anywhere and without any extra tools. Let’s look at some major relaxation exercises-

Breathing & Visualization

You can start by lying on a comfortable floor or bed in a nice position. Then place your hands on your belly and relax. Start breathing deeply to the core and release all air that you have taken inside. Continue this and each time send a message to your brain to relax. Visualize your muscles relaxing and pain leaving your body. Repeat it as often as you can after any activity.


Meditation provides countless benefits and those provide extreme relief from chronic pain. It will also provide mental strength to overcome stress which is also a great cause of chronic pain.

Stretching Exercises

The exercise which relieves muscles from extra tension and stiffness. Stretching can be done without equipment and is very great for providing extreme relief to muscles. It is very healthy for good mobility and thus helping in chronic pain. Let’s look at some incredible stretching exercises-

Low Back & Glute Stretch

Start by lying on the floor using your back. Then pull your knees towards your chest and hold them using your hands. It’s like giving yourself a hug. Start rocking and feeling the stretch in your hips and lower back. You can also cross the legs and try this to get more stretching. After that sit on the floor. Raise elbows on the side and pull your face in opposite direction. This will stretch the necessary muscles.

Strengthening Exercises

Having strength is really important for improving the power in muscles and joints. It also prevents future injuries and provides the necessary stamina for doing heavy work. Core strength is really necessary for dealing with chronic pain. You can try the following exercises-

Dead Bug

Start by lying on your back. Keep your arm above you imagining that you are trying to touch the ceiling. While lifting your feet perform a knee bend of 90 degrees. While exhaling tries to extend your leg towards the floor preventing it from touching the floor. At the same time, try to reach out by your hand to the ceiling. Hold this position and then return to starting pose. You can do 10 repetitions of this exercise.

Lifting on all fours is also a good exercise for enhancing core strengths.


Yoga is really great for enhancing inner strengths. Some magical yoga postures can do wonders in your chronic pain. Each asana is devised for effecting a particular set of muscles. It is so vast that you can choose the asanas that help you specifically and then perform them on your own. Yoga is perfect for getting rid of chronic pain.

In conclusion, we would say that chronic pain can be helped with home remedies. You just need to be smart about your body. Regular exercise and a good diet can help you in preventing chronic pain. Yoga, asanas, stretching exercises are recommended by everyone in the medical community. The 20-minute exercise can help you in preventing multitudes of physical ailments and it has been scientifically proven. You can always consult your doctor about it if the problem persists and go to any coach. Learn that inactivity is the major cause of chronic pain and exercises are the best way to relieve that.

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