Realistic Ways To Earn Money Online In 2021

Earn Money Online in 2021

In this article, we are going to talk about different ways to monetize an online business, since once it has been created and with traffic, the next question is, what ways are there to make money with a website?

Sell ​​your own products

When we are starting one of the questions that we ask ourselves is that we are going to sell, that we are going to offer to potential clients. One of the options is to market products that we manufacture ourselves or that we buy from a supplier, but over which we have control.

This is the method used, for example, by traditional businesses that, in addition to their street-level business, have a sales channel through the Internet

It is also useful for those who make handmade products at home and use the power of the network to make themselves known and sell online. It is a way to earn money with the web and at the same time create a brand.

In this category are also E-commerce, which only sells online products that they first buy from their suppliers and from which they carry out all the logistics so that it reaches the customer.

Sell ​​your services

It is easier than the previous one since when dealing with services the thing is simplified. Here you earn money online by offering customer services such as marketing for companies, consulting, coaching, financial advice, diet, and nutrition, computing, advertising …

Sell ​​info-products

It is one of the most fashionable and profitable methods in recent times to make money with a website. The info products include all products that contain training and are sold via the Internet: ebooks, courses, guides, workbooks, templates …

If you have a lot of experience on a specific topic. You can get a lot of benefits from it by creating these types of products.

Affiliate Marketing

This is undoubtedly the one I like the most to earn money with my website. It seems to me that it is easy to understand and that if you do it well, with constant work you can get to get a lot out of it. Affiliate marketing is a way to sell products or services of others by their recommendation.

You choose the product or service with an affiliate program that you want to promote. You create content (whether written, video, post on networks …) talking about its benefits, its characteristics, giving your opinion about it, and recommending it. When someone buys it, the company that sells it gives you a commission.

The commissions depend a lot on the brand for which you do affiliate marketing. It can be 10% or 50% of the sale price. Some of the best-known platforms are Amazon, ClickBank, Rakuten, eBay …


This is also a method to sell third-party products under your own brand. So how is it different from E-commerce? The difference is in the issue of logistics, in the case of dropshipping it is the third party that is responsible for sending the product to the end customer.

The main advantage of this method is that it saves on investment by not having to take care of all the logistics. You create an online store, with third-party’s products. (here they are usually from companies like AliExpress, eBay, or Wish, but there can be many others). You promote them with ads on social networks and the price with your profit margin. When you make one sale is the third party that handles the shipment.

Google Adsense

Who does not know Google Adsense? The Google Advertiser Platform is also a widely used way to generate income. You have to sign up for Google Ads and once it accepts you, it puts the ads in the spaces of your website. Every time your visitors “click” on the ad, Google pays you a commission.

The advertiser gains visibility, Google gains spaces for advertising and I have one more way to make money with my website.


It is something that has always caught my attention. One of the first places where I saw that they used this method to generate income was in the widely known and used Wikipedia. But this way of generating income has been spreading, visitors increasingly value the work behind the good content of a website or a blog. If you include this method you can generate income with what they want to contribute.

An easy way to do it, for example, is with Paypal that provides you with a code and you just have to put it on your blog.

Final Words

The article is about different ways to monetize an online business. Since once it has been created and with traffic. The next question is, what ways are there to make money with a website? you can sell your services, products to earn online. There are different ways to earn online using a website.


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