How to earn money online? Realistic ideas to start

Realistics ideas to earn money online

Nowadays, every person wants some additional income with regular income. Because the standard of living very important. We want luxurious lifestyle and latest gadgets like mobile, TV, laptop etc. Now we have a question that is How? If you want to earn money online with your regular income there are some ways by which you can earn money online. This is open for all like retired person, house wife, students and working professionals. now come to the point How to earn money online. There are various method which are useful and faithful to earn money.

Through Blogging

Through blogging  you can earn 30K to 50K per month and more. this is the initial figure. You can earn money through google ad seance account or other ad platforms. For this you must have knowledge about the digital marketing. 

Because in the digital marketing we have idea about the google algorithm and we do work accordingly. One thing if you get certification of google it would be double as you get earlier it means when you don’t have any certificate. When you get google certificate you can do your own work or business as freelancer.

Affiliated Marketing

Affiliated market is the well know field to everyone. And there are so many examples who earn thousand of rupees through affiliated marketing. some website as give below which are useful for affiliated marketing. May be you have an idea already because these websites are well known to every one. the websites are AmazonFlipkartSnapdeal and much more by which you can earn

Writing Jobs

Nowadays google become very sticks about the content. Google have Panda update related to content. The algorithm clearly told the content of the website or blog should be fresh and informative. If any type of plagiarism find in the content or it is not informative in this condition google give panelity to your website. Some websites are discuss on which you can register yourself and do work independently- ElanceiWriter, freelance writing

Digital Marketing

The digital marketing field is very popular nowadays. If we see ten year back the physical marketing has important role. But with the time it is replaced by digital marketing. Everything you can buy or sell online and it save your time and money both. the digital marketing have various field in which you can make your career brighter. In this field you can earn unlimited money but it is depends upon your knowledge about the digital marketing. Some certificates are required when you start your career as a digital marketer like Google Adword, Google Analytics, Facebook Blueprint all are very important.

Final Words

In current pandemics, today people want to earn extra income to meet their needs. The world is shifting to the on-demand economy of the individual. Which presents fantastic opportunities for entrepreneurship, wealth creation, work from home online jobs, and time freedom.


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