Best Credit Monitoring Services for Small Business in 2023


FICO is the company that invented the credit score used today by Equifax Experian TransUnion’s three main offices (Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion). As a leading credit agency, TransUnion provides advanced credit monitoring services and identity theft solutions for consumers, small business owners, large corporations, and government agencies.

Although they offer identity theft protection in their UltraSecure plan, you need to get their most expensive UltraSecure + Credit plan to get credit monitoring, which includes credit monitoring services at all 3 offices, credit score monitoring, 3 quarterly credit reports Office and credit rating.

Identity credit monitoring services

Identity credit monitoring services include all the standard features you’d expect, such as 3-office credit report monitoring, darknet, and internet monitoring, lost wallet assistance, synthetic identity theft protection, and identity theft insurance up to $1 million to cover reimbursements. Stolen funds and pay lawyers and experts.

Their credit monitoring service includes near real-time monitoring of credit reports from all three major credit bureaus (Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion), allowing you to receive instant fraud alerts, sometimes 4x faster than the competition.

Benefits of credit monitoring services

  • Depending on the service plan you choose, the identity theft protection service tracks your credit report through one or three major credit bureaus.
  • Identity Theft Protection monitors loan applications, public records, websites, and databases for signs of personal information and alerts you when a threat is detected.
  • The best services will provide you with detailed information about your credit history, notify you if a third party has accessed your credit file, and protect your personal information in thousands of databases.
  • The best service for you will depend on what you need from the provider if you are more concerned about your personality, your family’s credit history, or whether you want to build your credit history.
  • If you decide you prefer a service to track your credit and protect your identity, choose one that is worth your money.
  • The best way to get comprehensive protection is to choose a service that offers comprehensive business credit monitoring and uses advanced technology to protect your identity.
  • As you progress and use more credit cards, build retirement savings, gain stock options for employees, and start a family, you may need stricter credit monitoring and identity protection services.
  • Credit monitoring services score can also help you protect yourself if you are involved in a data breach or if your identity is stolen.
  • Trusted services like IdentityForce, Norton LifeLock, or Identity Guard will give you real-time access to your credit history and notify you of any major changes.
  • If you go this route, please be aware that you will not receive the credit protection and monitoring promised by Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax.
  • If you’re the target of scammers, you’ll find that reputable services like IdentityForce offer up to $1 million in identity theft insurance, special recovery resources, and other benefits.
  • All plans offer competitive pricing and a full list of services that include five types of monitoring, data breach updates, 24/7 customer support and recovery services, wallet protection, and free report alerts.
  • Both paid plans include FICO score alerts and tracking of new loan requests, new accounts, major balance changes, credit usage, and more.
  • Premier Premium Service provides monthly updates to all three reports and ratings, plus all other premium plan features.
  • The higher tier Ultra plan gives you unlimited access to your Equifax credit report and score, as well as monthly access to all three reports and scores.

You can select a service or link free services to access your FICO score from three offices.

In fact, myFICO offers up to 28 different versions of the FICO score for use by different types of lenders for credit cards, mortgages, and auto loans.

MyFICO only works if you’re willing to pay extra for the most accurate and useful version of your credit score.

Its flagship $23.95 per month UltraSecure+ Credit plan includes credit scores and reports from three major credit bureaus and includes a credit score simulator you can use to assess how certain financial decisions may affect your score.

IdentityGuard covers all the basics of identity monitoring—names, social security numbers, bank accounts, credit reports, and more—but IdentityGuard lacks some of the features found in the best identity theft protection services.

Basic PrivacyGuard(r) protection costs $9.99 per month and includes $1 million in identity theft coverage, public and dark web scanning, and monitoring of a variety of personal data, including your social security number, debit and credit card numbers, and your Full details.

Name based on our research, we concluded that Identity Force offers the best comprehensive identity theft protection.

IdentityForce(r) UltraSecure and UltraSecure+Credit provide the most comprehensive security features to track your information across a variety of websites and services, including the dark web, courtrooms, and social media (check your account is safe on sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter). may be considered obscene or discriminatory misconduct).

Identity theft protection is especially useful for people who don’t actively monitor their credit and may not notice the consequences of identity theft – over $1,000 for the average victim, credit damage, and emotional stress – until it’s too late.


In conclusion, with the peace of mind you get with identity theft insurance, many companies will put you in contact with identity theft resolution specialists to help you through the difficult process of recovering your identity. Some credit monitoring services will also help you through the process of recovering your ID and insure you against losses from ID theft and related fraud.

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