8 Different Styles of High Heels Explained


Different Styles of High Heels are something that every girl dreams of getting a new one before every occasion of their daily life. The designers of this sector are always busy making something that matches the ongoing trends to meet the desires and fascinations regarding these high heels of every girl.

As there are different styles of high heels available in the market, often it gets confused about which one would be the best with a particular dress.

To choose the right heel, you must know their types. Here we have bought all the information that will help you explore different styles of high heels. Let’s have a look at them.

8 Different Styles of High Heels That Are Most Popular

Most people wear these high heels to change their outlook, but another unignorable important thing is how comfortable the heel is. Here are some different styles of high heels you should know about.

Block heel

High heel shoes for women have a legacy of holding up their demand in the number one position all the time. It has always been every woman’s first love since they heard the story of Cinderella and her magic heels in their childhood.

If you are looking for a heel that will make your outlook classy and will give you comfort at the same time, a block heel should be your first choice. It looks a little bit backdated, but it helps to hold a balanced weight of your whole body. This helps to lessen the pressure on your front foot by giving you a comfortable stand.

Cuban heel

If you are not so different styles of high heels, this type of heel will serve you the best of it. It is not so high to make your walk imbalanced. It will look good with normal dresses like a t-shirt or sweatpants or leggings. It would be a perfect choice for regular wear.

Comma heel

Comma heels look like a comma, which is why they call them comma heels. This heel is the most fashionable heel and girls’ first choice. This unique shape has made it different from all other heels to grab attention easily.

So, if you are planning to be the center of attention in any function, go for this without any second thought.

Cone heel

If you are confident enough that you would be able to hold the balance in thicker heels, cone heels can be a good option for you. These heels look classy on the feet if you wear them with party dresses. Its narrow and delicate back may make you skeptical about its balance, but it can also be super comfortable if you have practiced wearing them.

Decorative heel

Decorative heels are those heels that you can customize according to your desire. Normally you can buy heels and decorate them using DIY or by watching tutorial videos on YouTube.

Whenever we enter a shoe store, their shoes are the first thing that grabs our attention. Decorative shoes look very elegant if you wear them with floral dresses.

Flare heel

To take up a 70’s outlook, this kind of heels would be the best. It gives an aesthetic look to your outlook. These shoes are short in height, not so curvy, and comfortable, so doesn’t cause anklet pain. Sometimes the flare can be a bit uncomfortable, but it strictly secures the legs.

French heel

The other name of these heels is Louis heel. It has another famous name that is pompadour heel. As for the names, it looks fancy from the outside.

The bottom part of this heel is deeply curved, having a thin front portion. People of a very high height can wear them easily. However, it won’t look much good on people having short height.


Stilettos should be your first choice if you want to get a sexy outlook. They can be more than four to five inches high. These babies will make you look different from everyone in a room. However, it can be a little bit uncomfortable if you don’t have much experience of wearing them.

So, if you are planning to wear them to a party for the first time, make sure of practicing walking wearing them to grab balance. These heels have high demand in the market only because of their sexy outlook. You can often see celebrities wearing them.

Final verdict

We hope that the above information has helped you decide which heel you will add to your next buying list. Whether you buy from an online shop or a nearby physical shop, ensure the quality, regardless of the different styles of high heels. Otherwise, it may hurt your legs.

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