Confluence Software- Is it Right For Your Business in 2023?


Are you considering purchasing Atlassian’s confluence software for your business? Are you unsure about pricing or security? Read on to discover more about this collaborative working software. This article will provide you with some helpful tips and advice. You may also want to read our article on Tools for collaborative working. You can easily make a decision after reading this article. This will help you determine whether or not the product is right for you. The following are some of the important features of Confluence software.

Confluence Software

When Atlassian first launched Confluence, it was a highly technical product, largely aimed at software engineers. As the company grew, however, they recognized the need to reach a broader audience and move beyond the specialized engineering market. They developed new features that appealed to a more general audience and offered more use cases beyond software engineers. Atlassian’s Confluence is now available in a SaaS version, making it easier than ever to use the knowledge management tool across your entire enterprise.

When Atlassian launched Confluence, it did so without a marketing strategy and dedicated outbound sales team. It relied on word of mouth and the success of users to help it spread quickly. Despite its success, Atlassian’s Confluence’s pricing has steadily increased since the initial release. In addition to the increased costs, Atlassian has been slow to respond to broader changes in work. In order to stay competitive, the company must develop a genuinely collaborative product.

Tools for collaborative working

One of the most important benefits of Confluence software is its ability to facilitate teamwork by providing ready-made templates for documentation. This makes it easy for staff to follow best practices when creating documentation, and it helps to stay on schedule and communicate project progress throughout the organization. In addition to its collaborative capabilities, Confluence software also allows users to share files in various ways, including embedded in pages and individual file lists. Readers can preview files before they open them, and it preserves a history of previous versions for future reference.

Another useful tool for teamwork is Nuclino. This application resembles the Confluence wiki, but is easier to use. Users can set up a homepage with onboarding documentation and work on projects in different workspaces. These work spaces can be private or public, and users can add attachments and collaborate on editing. With Nuclino, teams can collaborate on a project and share notes and files, and track progress with task and status updates.

Confluence Pricing

Pricing for Confluence software varies widely. This collaboration tool allows users to create hierarchical structures and pull everything into one system. Its flexibility makes it ideal for collaboration between a team of many people. It does, however, have some disadvantages. For one, it does not support real-time updates. This can add up to the monthly fee. Furthermore, some of its features require additional purchases. In these cases, it may be worth looking for an alternative collaboration tool.

Confluence offers five plans, ranging from free to standard to premium. The free plan offers basic features, while the standard plan provides advanced tools. For example, the premium plan equips admins with analytics and copy space permission. Premium users also get 24/7 premium support. Each plan is tailored to fit a different type of company. The free plan is designed for small teams and startups. While the free version is enough for a small team, the premium plan offers advanced features that larger teams require.


The recent CVE-2022-26134 vulnerability has raised concerns about the security of Confluence Software. The vulnerability affects Confluence Server, as well as its Data Center, and could allow unauthenticated remote code execution. If this is exploited, it could affect enterprise systems. The vulnerability was discovered by Volexity, a security company that contacted Atlassian. Atlassian has rated the vulnerability as critical and is investigating.

The vulnerability is a critical security issue, allowing an attacker to bypass web application firewalls and gain godlike access to Confluence’s content. They could steal data, tickets, attachments, and even AWS infrastructure keys. They could even move across the network and other applications to perform the attack. As a result, it’s vital that Confluence users follow best practices to ensure their content remains safe. Here are some tips to keep the Confluence community secure:


Confluence software plans come in different levels and offer different features. Premium plans include more advanced features and provide deeper analytics into team usage. Premium plans also offer advanced tools for admins, including active permission control and analytics. You can also choose from one of three server and data center plans. Premium plans also include 24/7 premium support. You can decide which plan best fits your company’s needs. To find out more about each Confluence software plan, read on.

Benefits of Using Confluence Software

The benefits of using Confluence software for project management are many. It helps streamline collaboration, project management, and knowledge sharing. With powerful search tools and structured grouping, you’ll be able to easily find the content you’re looking for.

This collaboration tool also allows team members to provide feedback in context, including mentions of specific teammates. You can work remotely with colleagues or clients. The flexibility of the platform makes it easy to share important announcements and receive feedback anytime, anywhere.



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