All About Sleep Hygiene- Tips for Better Sleep

Sleep is one of the basic needs of the human body. An ample amount of sleep can keep your body away from hundreds of diseases and physical ailments. Whether it’s mental health or weight gain problems, a good amount of sleep is necessary for all kinds of issues. But due to this digital lifestyle sleep regime is very disturbed. Nowadays most people have trouble sleeping early and sleep hygiene is very unhealthy. Let’s get a deeper look into the concept.

What is Sleep Hygiene?

A series of activities that you can perform before falling asleep is called sleep hygiene. If done properly it improves the efficiency of sleep and provides good results. Things like drinking warm water, wearing comfortable and breathable clothes, and other things are included in this regime.

How is it disturbed?

The body has a fixed pattern of coping up with energy levels. You need proper rest so that your body can nourish itself with energy. The sleep cycle plays it’s a crucial role here. The internal body clock of the human body is affected by our lifestyle especially with the amount of light we expose ourselves to. When our lifestyle is unhealthy, the internal clock of the body is disturbed this prevents you from falling asleep at a normal time and this can lead to sleep illness which further clogs the mind and bring a decrease in the vitality of the body.

Improving Sleep Hygiene

Let’s look into things you can do to improve your sleep hygiene-

  1. Be Regular About Going to Bed

Regularity is the key to anything. It can be habitual if you accustom your body according to that. Stick to a fixed time when you go to bed. It might mean doing your chores beforehand so that you are ready for bed at a fixed time. And no matter what is happening, leave your digital devices on the table and go into bed. This will allow your body to make a routine and memorize that it’s the time for sleeping.

  1. Be Regular in Waking Up

Same as falling asleep you need to have a routine of waking up. Give yourself a fixed time to get it. Not everyone needs the same amount of sleep. Someone can fulfill his needs in 6 hours while others might need 8 hours. But be fixed about the time. This way your body will function in a rhythm that keeps you energized throughout the day.

  1. Turn Off Lights & Sound

A sound sleep is away from any distractions. A relaxed peaceful atmosphere allows your body to go into deep sleep rhythms which rejuvenate the body at brilliant levels. The night is nature’s way of blocking light. Don’t use artificial lights from electronic devices or something else to break that pattern. Block any light that comes into the room and off the noises. You can also use earplugs for blocking the sound.

  1. No Caffeine At Night

Diet is very important. Caffeine and nicotine are stimulants that keep the body awake. Don’t use them near your time of sleeping otherwise, the pattern will break. You can use caffeine in the morning to heighten the energy level but never at night.

  1. Set Comfrotabel Temperature

Finetuning your bedroom temperature can do wonders for it. 65 degrees Fahrenheit is the optimum temperature level for making the body fall asleep as this induces sleeping chemicals in the body.

  1. Exercise Regularly

There have been numerous studies proving the incredible benefits of exercise on the sleeping routine of individuals. A 20-minute cardio workout can do wonders for you as it will make your sleep rich and healthy. You don’t need to hit the gym for exercising, you can do indoor activities and the body will keep itself in routine.

  1. Limit The Naps

Daytime naps are good but if done in excess can disturb the sleep schedule and keep you awake at night. Be clear about the naptime in the daytime. If you really need to have a nap in the day keep its time less than 30 minutes and don’t nap late in the afternoon.

  1. Don’t do Wakeful Activities on Bed

Our mind works in habitual ways. It associates places with the activities and our brain patterns. If you do activities in bed that are normally done in wakefulness you are teaching your mind that the bed is a place of waking up. Activities, like watching TV, eating or reading in bed, can lead to sleep disorders. Use your bed only for sleeping.

Getting a good amount of sleep is very important for remaining healthy and things like sleep hygiene come very handy in getting that good sleep. There is an old saying that a night of good sleep is your best medication. So, follow these simple tips and let your body heal itself by good sleep.

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