Why Technology is Moving to CSHTML 5

CSHTML 5! However, As standardized HTML5 gains popularity in Web development, developers across the spectrum are seeking methods to use the markup language. A free extension for Visual Studio gives XAML and C# developers a way to code HTML5 apps.

What is CSHTML5

CSHTML 5 is a powerful visual studio extension to create a JavaScript web application by writing the code in standard .Net C# and XAML. It compiles the C#/XAML code to JavaScript base HTML5 cross-platform web application. It supports most of the .net framework types and methods. CSHTML5 web application can be integrated with any other JavaScript web application like MVC, ASP.NET, Angular, React. It also gives the flexibility to execute JavaScript from C# and C# from JavaScript.

Now, CSHTML 5 provided the visual studio NuGet package to add a reference to the project. Also, newer versions can be updated from NuGet packages.

Why is technology moving to CSHTML 5?

There are many reasons that technology is using CSHTML5. Some of the main reasons are below. CSHTML5 works for Silverlight and Xamarin as well. Microsoft already stopped the support for Silverlight technology, so CSHTML5 provides the migration from Silverlight to convert it into HTML/javascript-based web application. When you start a new CSHTML 5 project, you get the same source files as in a Silverlight or WPF project, such as ‘App. xaml’ and ‘MainPage.XAML.  You may then use the same familiar Visual Studio capabilities like IntelliSense, refactoring, debugging, source control, and more. When you press the ‘Start button, the software launches natively on the Web browser.

WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) is a windows application and doesn’t run on web browsers. That CSHTML5 provides the migration from WPF to HTML based JavaScript web application. CSHTML5 compiled applications are easily integrated with other JavaScript-based web applications. It provides the paid tool “CSHTML5. Migration” that migrates the Silverlight and WPF application in HTML5 and JavaScript web applications. CSHTML5 also provide the support and migration edition to migrate existing application in CSHTML5.

How to run CSHTML 5 application

After installing the CSHTML 5 visual studio NuGet package, We can create the CSHTML5 project in visual studio using a new project as shown below. Now, we can write our C#/XAML code in the CSHTML 5 project and run the project. Theircompiles the C#/XAML code in HTML5/JavaScript files in the output folder of the root directory as shown in the image. However, In the Output folder, it creates an index.html file which is the starting point of the application. However, We can run the application by opening the index.html file.

Benefits of CSHTML 5

  1. High performance Javascript/HTML5 application using C#/XMAL code.
  2. It can be integrated with JavaScript-based web applications.
  3. Compile the JavaScript in a minified and formatted format.
  4. Execute the JavaScript code from c# and c# from JavaScript.
  5. Facility to debug the C# code in browser version 2.x.
  6. Custom HTML5 controls can be created in C#.

Drawback of CSHTML 5

  1. The application’s Behavior might differ in the simulator than in the browser.
  2. Some of the .net Features not supported yet in CSHTML 5.
  3. Only BasicHttpBinding and HTTPS/SSL binding supported for WCF.
  4. Need to remove the system.* references from the project manually when adding the WCF service references.

Final Words

C#/XAML developers should be likely to open all platforms without compromising their preferred languages or software. It is a free extension that is primarily based on the open-source JSIL library, which it uses to compile C# to JavaScript. Currently, the extension also relies on non-open-source elements, most notably in its Visual Studio integration. You’re welcome to leverage our 19+ years of experience in web development & leave your worry of development to Clarion! However, Hire developers to get innovative and dynamic solutions that will help you flourish now and in the future.


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