WhatsApp adds disappearing photos feature: How to enable it

The new feature in WhatsApp

This new feature in WhatsApp adds a new dimension to the messaging services. Users can now use this
service to share images with their friends and families even if they have removed their pictures from
their phones. This removes the need for people to go through each picture and decide whether they
want to share them or not. Since the removal of images from cell phones is one of the largest changes
that internet companies have made recently, many users are wondering how to enable this new
feature. Luckily, there are several simple steps that anyone can take to enable this new messaging
service on their device.

This feature makes the sharing of pictures easier

One of the first things that you should do to enable the new feature in WhatsApp is to sign up to the
service. Although this will not immediately change the way that your messages look, it will make the
sharing of pictures easier. If you have already signed up to the service, you will notice a new option on
your user interface called ‘new pictures’. By clicking on this new option, you will be able to see a list of
different images that you can share with your friends. You will even see a preview of the image in its
original size before it is being sent.

Turn on vanish mode so you can able to see a list of people who are online

Since sending pictures from your device to other users via the messaging service is one of the most
popular ways of communication today, many internet companies including Facebook have been
working hard to make this part of their services as easy as possible to use. One of the easiest ways to
enable this new feature is to turn on the automatic vanish feature of your phone. By doing this, you
will be able to see a list of people who are online when you start the app, as well as an option that
enables you to send messages directly to them.

Deleted Photos option allows you to choose

Another useful addition to the messaging service is the ability to add media files to your phone. The
WhatsApp Adds Deleted Photos option allows you to choose from a variety of different photo images
that you can save and send to your friends. This new feature is only available for mobile devices, so if
you want to use this on an iPhone or a Google Android, you will need to purchase an app that supports
these particular platforms. The best way to find out which apps will work is by reading reviews on the

‘View once’ and ‘never’ feature

When you add ‘view once’ media files to your phone, you will be able to save images that you take
with your camera, or with your cell phone, and then send them to your friend’s phone in the form of a
text message. This new feature is especially useful if the person you are sending to is not your friend,
but another person you have not met offline. If you do not want your recipient to see your unsolicited
messages, then you can set the ‘view once’ option to ‘never.’

Beta tested servers

Whichever application you use to access the ‘view once’ option, it will automatically vanish after a
while, once your message has been sent. There are no other methods of disappearing photos from the
messaging service other than using specific codes provided by the server that supports the feature.
The beta tested servers’for the latest version of the messaging app will automatically vanish after a few
minutes. Therefore, if you want to try out this new function, you need to download the latest beta
version and start saving the images you take with your camera.

There are other ways to send disappearing media files to your friend’s phone, but they are less reliable.
The easiest way to send photos is through ‘Share image’ option available at the bottom of every
individual picture. You can also use your contact’s name while sending the media files, as they appear
lower in the list. However, these options won’t work for some people because of lack of access to the
latest versions of the messaging service. For such people, it’s better to use the beta tested version to
get this feature working properly.

Final words

To conclude, WhatsApp adds a lot of features and functions to make its users happier. However, the
recent update to the messaging service, which enables ‘view once’ media won’t be available for
everyone, because the latest version of the platform requires a long-time membership with the service
to access it. Only the beta testers will be able to see the newest additions.

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