How to Fight New Covid-19? Keep Yourself and Your Loved Ones Safe

Keep Yourself and Your Loved Ones Safe

At first, there was a deadly virus called coronavirus(covid-19) in 2020, which killed many people and kept almost all the people in the world on house arrest. at last, our doctors & Scientists Invent vaccines for coronavirus

But with the new coronavirus coming to the in 2021, the vaccine is not doing anything. Scientists are continuing their efforts on how to protect people around the world.

 Here I will share with you some tips which will keep you safe from this virus even if it is a little bit and will keep the people around you safe.

How to identify Covid-19

Step 1: If you see that your stomach is paining for a long time and it is not getting better even after taking the medicine, then you should consult a doctor and the doctor will decide what is causing your stomach pain. I am talking about stomach pain because of stomach pain symptoms of the new coronavirus.

Step 2:   We all have tiredness but if you see that you are getting tired without doing any work then consult your doctor because the second one of the symptoms of this virus is tiredness.

Step 3:  If you notice that your body is getting worse than before and if the information given here matches the situation here, then you must consult a doctor and the doctor will fix what has happened to you and how you will recover.

How to fight with Covid-19

Wear Mask to avoid Covid-19:

You know that the government of the country is asking the government to read Max from the beginning because if you want to be safe from Covid then you must wear a mask. If you read Max then you can get a lot of protection from Covid-19.

Maintain Hygiene:  

If we follow the rules of hygiene properly, then no virus can attack these people. Hygiene is the best solution for all the viruses & also covid-19.

Be Confident:  

In my opinion, Confident is something that can help you achieve everything. It will also help you to be safe from the virus. You will think that the virus will not harm you and your virus will not be cured, then it will help you all.

Stay Happy:  

Always smiling boosts our body’s immune system so you will notice that all people who are always in a good mood do not get sick at all. On the other hand, people who always think of having a bad mood have a much lower immune system and get sick again and again. So happiness is the best way to get rid of internal illnesses.

Maintain Distance:  

This virus is such that the virus enters from one person to another human body so to get rid of this virus you have to keep a distance of 6 feet from each other.

Intake Vitamins:

With all these points you need to take care of your vitamin-C intake because all these points will work only when you can manage your vitamin intake. Plenty of vitamins help us to increase our immunity. Not only that, all the vitamins that I will give you examples of here will help you to increase your immunity as well as eliminate your hair fall and skin problems.

 Sources of vitamins: Leamon, Sunlight, Red meat, Nuts, Beans, Backed beans & almonds

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