How To Choose Different Flower For different Occasions

A special flower conveys a feeling and passion & this is the right reason why different flowers are gifted to people on different occasions. Different varieties of flowers are known to symbolize plenty of things, such as love, friendship, playfulness, etc. while some are known for their herbal properties. You can effortlessly find a lovely bunch or arrangement of flowers to gift online and get flower delivery in Kolkata, Delhi, and other regions as per your choice.


Here are some occasions on which you can gift these particular flowers:


Flower for Wedding

When choosing online flower delivery in Pune for this big day, the choice has to be made depending on the season. Seasonal flowers are always great to be gifted for any wedlock. This time also symbolizes happiness and joy so it is perfect to select seasonal flowers as they will bloom throughout the day. You can choose from different colors like purple, white, pink, & red, etc.


Flower for BIRTHDAY

Once again, if the receiver’s preferred flower is known, begin with that. However, some flowers communicate each month. The flowers are carnation & snowdrop for January; primrose for February; daffodil flower for March; fresh pea for April; Hawthorne & Lily of the Valley for May; rose & honeysuckle flower for June; water lily and delphinium flower for July; poppy and gladiolus flower for August; morning glory and aster flower for September; the calendula and marigold flower for October; chrysanthemum and peony flower for November; and holly and narcissus flower for December.


Graduation Day

If you are attending a close one on their Graduation Day, you can opt for those flowers that have the identical color scheme as the colors existing in the person’s graduation gown. If this does not work out, you can gift lilies & roses having the value of the graduate’s college or school.


Flower for Friendship day

If you have a great friend, you must already be conscious of her likes. If you are adventurous then you can easily choose a dry flower for your friend. You can make a choice based on likes. You can choose exotic types including sweet William, Hydrangeas, rose, & baby breath. Yellow flowers may be perfect as this color symbolizes love and friendship.





Seasonal flowers work best with anniversaries, to describe the time of the year you are commemorating. For spring, peach blossom, delicate flowers, such as peonies, prefer pale, or cherry blossom. Summer flowers should be fresh and vibrant – consider yellow, gold, or pink roses, or a wreath of sunflowers. Be advised, however, that yellow carnations express disappointment!


 On the Birth of a Baby

One of the greatest ways to commemorate the birth of a baby is to give its parents a flower basket or bouquet. Praise the mother with a lovely flower basket with colorful hues to commemorate the grand occasion. For instance, you can gift carnations to the parents of the baby as they are long-lasting, and signify good fate. Another excellent idea for gifting flowers to the parents of the newborn baby can be existing plants.

In case you are the father of the newborn baby, you can give your wife a lovely bouquet of roses to draw a smile on her face.



Wrong idea – Roses are the perfect options! Wise conception – Roses should be perfect for gifting on your 1st Date. Evade choosing a red rose when going out on your first date. Try and choose one that is not so intimidating, but shows affection and care. Tulips, dandelions, Orchids, Baby breath, & Hydrangea are the fittest to be gifted for your first date.



The first question about sending flowers online to someone who is sick is where they are resting. If they are in the hospital, flowers should not be overly aromatic. Flowers and tulips can be vibrant and add a bit of color to dark hospital rooms. If they are at home, marigolds signify resilience while yellow flowers, such as daffodils symbolizing rebirth, are happy and cheery. Skirt yellow daylilies, however, are connected with funerals.



You can choose flower stands. Ideally, people favor gifting roses, lilies, & chrysanthemums that are of green, white (preferred), & blue. As this time draws sober times it is not desirable to choose bright colors.


When choosing flowers you have to put in mind that the first choice should be choosing one depending on the likes. You can choose a flower stand or bouquet. This will score a bundle of plush factors for the occasion.



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