Different Types Of Marketing Platforms To Generate Leads

Marketing is one of the focus areas for a company. Marketing has always been very important and will always be an important part of a company to grow and prosper. Varied Marketing methods have a varied cost structure and along with the potential customer-reach limit. There are various platforms of marketing like print, Radio, Television, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. For example, printed doesn’t hold the glamour of marketing guru, after television introduces in the market.

Types of marketing platforms

These are the most common type of marketing platforms


Papers, magazines, printed phone registries, and boards the entire fall inside the classification of print media. Albeit a significant number of these news sources have lessened in the market passageway. However, print media hold key significance with certain segment gatherings. For instance, phone directories have gotten nearly outdated as most of the nation uses online assets to find contact data, yet an enormous number of shoppers in-country networks and web-starved territories keep on relying upon them.

Numerous magazines have likewise moved to the online configuration to arrive at their intended interest group and diminish distribution costs. However, a considerable lot of the more settled, mass-market magazines keep on distributing in printed design. Like papers, the portion of the populace that devours news and substance in this arrangement is diminishing. However, certain gatherings of buyers stay faithful to this medium only.


A transmission medium like radio can be amazingly successful in arriving at a key segment.  Since most radio broadcasts restrict to a specific kind of music like pop, old-style, metropolitan, or country, their audience members frequently have comparative qualities. In blend with precise showcasing research, a radio advertising effort can impart a limited-time message to a target segment of the customer with a serious level of progress.


With the advent of television in the market, no marketing media could compete with it. It is one of the most expensive marketing mediums, still today because a large section of people relies on television. In third world countries, television plays the role of entertainer very importantly. Even after the advent of the Internet and online marketing methods, television with its amazing usage is still one of the best and most effective marketing platforms.

Direct Mail / Post office based mail

Regular postal mail advertising uses flyers, letters, and lists to arrive at an objective purchaser. Post-office-based mail has proceeded in its adequacy because of the estimation of unmistakable ads which are rather than the fleeting idea of online advancements.

Telemarketing Marketing Platforms

Selling stays a vigorous type of promoting because of its push nature and the presentation of new advances. Similar to computerization and cross channel lead age. Which has upgraded transformation viability. There have been various shopper assurances executed that have to restrict telemarketing, yet it stays  An exceptionally viable approach to associate with purchasers and prompt deals.

These are the few online marketing platforms :

Pay per click Advertising

Pay per click frequently connects with standard promotions, spring-up advertisements, and sponsored links. PPC promoting stays significant for its convenience, exceptionally quantifiable adequacy, and humble return for money investment, yet the PPC model of showcasing decreases in significance as purchasers have gotten acclimate to pervasive utilization of advertisements and connections.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is still a valid platform but due to its, not interactive nature, the feedback never returns to the company. Ads, newsletters, and various content sent to the customers via email is a very old way of marketing which is now considered not much effective.

Web-based Media/ Social media Marketing Platforms

Web-based media destinations like Facebook and Twitter have tremendous followings that present gigantic showcasing opportunities for organizations. The capacity to check customer premium in items, brands, and social patterns offers a colossal measure of important data that advertisers can use to make compelling and barely focused on showcasing efforts. There are impressive expenses and difficulties related to the utilization of these stages, however, a profoundly fruitful web-based media showcasing effort can create colossal customer interest.



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