Career Choices – Website Development Vs Programming

If you’re a seasoned veteran and you’re still a beginner in the world of website development, it might be time for you to compare Web Development or Programming. Both are necessary if you want to develop websites that become popular in cyberspace. But how do you decide which one to focus on? Here are some of the differences and similarities between these two industries.

Difference between website design or programming

The biggest difference between web design or programming is that programming usually deals with codes, while web developers usually deal with information technology. For some programmers, it’s more offensive so let’s try to separate most of the careers into two major groups. Here are the main categories of web developers:

As mentioned above, there are two main groups of web developers. Web Designers are those that create websites for client-side (PC) use and there are also web development vs programming for server-side (PCS) use. Most of the time, clients hire web designers who can create a visually appealing and interactive website using a particular programming language. If you’re good in this field, you will find a lot of job opportunities around you. However, for the most part, this kind of job doesn’t pay as well compared to programmers.

Web developers are highly sought after because they produce aesthetically attractive websites and can work with all sorts of platforms – they can write code in Java, Perl or even in JavaScript for the most sophisticated websites.

The main differences between website development or Programming include

  • Whichever one has the bigger goal – to make lots of money? Or do you want to build a company website that promotes your brand or service? Do you think social media is important for creating an online presence? In today’s world, websites like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and YouTube are a big hit.
  • Web Designers When it comes to developing websites, web developers and designers have some similarities. They usually both like to build websites that will look great, which is very important. They also have to be very organized and detail oriented when working on a client’s project. The only difference between Web Designers and Web Developers is the amount of time they put into each project – web designers have to complete a large project in a relatively short period of time, while programmers can spend weeks or months on a single project. Web developers usually don’t worry about budgets, while web designers usually do.
  • SEO If you are thinking of becoming a web programmer, the biggest thing you should consider is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This is important because if you don’t have SEO, you won’t get the traffic you need. SEO can take months, while a web programmer can complete a SEO project in a few days. Both Web Designers and Programmers can optimize a website, but web programmers have the advantage because they are better at math and technology, while SEO is a must for a website if you want to rank high in the search engines.
  • When you are deciding which career is better for you, consider the tasks you would be doing if you were a web developer or web designer. If you would be creating websites, choose a field that you are good at designing websites, and which has plenty of opportunities for networking skills, such as SEO. If you would be programming web applications, pick a field that is also related to computer programming. As there will be a lot of back-room work and less opportunity for networking.

Final Words

Whichever type of Web Designer or Programmer you choose. You can be sure that your career will be interesting and rewarding. Web development jobs give you the chance to work on cutting edge projects. That allow you to influence the future of websites. Web designers can work on corporate websites and personal websites, providing the design and functionality that your customers need. Web programmers can code the software that will run behind the scenes of your website. Allowing you to design a site with the most features available to users.

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