Bless Your Money And Your Money Will Bless You!!

Being in 21st century where our culture of consumption expands exponentially, our lives increasingly revolve around money— earn it, spend it, and saving it. Money has become inevitable part of our life.  But still the question of whether money can bring us happiness remains a subject of intense debate.

Spend money wisely

I believe secret of wealth is not only earning money but also spending it wisely. By wisely, I do not mean about the facts and figures on how to spend and manage money. You will get facts and figures on spending and managing money everywhere. What I am talking is your intention and your feeling when you spend money.

Don’t forget humanity when giving money to others

We always consider ourselves deprived of money or always complain about it. But there are people who have questions of having one time meal. Who have no house to leave and no clothes to wear? There are people who are struggling there way to live a normal life. There are people who are living on daily wages. And we despite of being in a good state, always bargain with the people who are not earning to enjoy but to merely survive. We always curse when we have to give money to someone else. As when it comes to money, people can forget humanity.

Send your money out with blessings

As AI Koran in his book Bring out the Magic in your Mind says that “When you send your money out remember to always bless it. Ask it to bless everybody that it touches, and command it to go out and feed the hungry and clothe the naked, and command it to come back to you a million-fold. Don’t pass over this lightly. I am serious.” This is something everyone should know and apply in their life as your feeling while giving money matters a lot. It affects the person who is receiving it.

Never complain when you spend money

So when we spend our money instead of complaining or cursing for spending it, bless your money.  As Robin Sharma says in Who Will Cry When You Die when you pay for your groceries. Silently bless all those who have helped bring this food to you. The farmers who have grown it, the delivery people who have carried it and the store clerks who have stocked it. If you are paying for clothes bless those who have toiled so much in textile industry. If you are paying your maid then why not bless her for all the daily chores she does for your family and why not bless her family to have happy month ahead.

Final Words

Always have a pure intention while giving your money to someone else.  Never cures or give it with negative feeling. Always pray that money you are giving should add value to the quality of receiver’s life. As the timeless truth says “The hand that gives is the hand that gathers”.




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