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Shane Warne -Vaughan scored 10 wickets in a Test for the first time in his career in the second South African Tour Test at Sydney Cricket Ground. Vaughan hit six wickets in three Tests against New Zealand and set a career-high batting record in international cricket in the third Test in Perth.

Warne was a very effective day cricket bowler during his career, taking 294 wickets in 193 overs. Warne is the proud custodian of the man handed over to Mike Gatting this century, of a rare breed of leg spinners who create powerful surfaces and precise lines and lengths.

Legend Shane Warne

Australian legend Shane Warne won 708 wicket tests, the second-best in history, in 145 games in a 15-year international career.

Legendary Australian record holder Shane Warne hit five wickets in 15 innings in preparation for his best performance in a limited international, causing the West Indies to stumble and lose eight wickets.

This phenomenal performance took place when it took 380 runs for the West Indies to win this Test match, but the greatest cricketers completed their stroke order and won the match for Australia.

New Zealand finished second in this Test match and New Zealand just needed to hit 203 in New Zealand’s second inning but they failed because Shane Warne got in their way by casting a spell that took him four wickets and they lost the game.

Cricket has always been an exceptional player, casting a magic spell in which he hit four wickets, completed New Zealand’s second inning and Australia won that easy test match.

Shane Warne’s performance, in which he took 10 wickets per match and batted 42 to bring Australia back from the dead in the second inning, would be the Ashes Fox Crickets’ second biggest performance since 2000.

Warne continued to shine in the 1994/95 Ashes when he scored the only hat-trick of his Test career, eliminating Phil DeFreitas, Darren Gough, and Devon Malcolm in consecutive innings to help Australia win the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

Bowling Warnes, one of the greatest cricketers in history, has captivated fans around the world.

What turned into an amazing career got off to a bad start in January 1992 in Sydney when Shane Warne fought for 45 first innings against India, taking Ravi Shastri’s lone wicket and 150 runs, reprising a secondary defensive role that most spinners certainly, outside the Indian subcontinent, declined at that time.

It was the first test during the Australian tour of England’s historical rivals in which Warne took a total of 11 wickets while Australia won by a huge margin of 184.

Australia started their three-match Test streak brilliantly against Pakistan in 1995 thanks to Warne. As has often happened since then, British optimism soon erupted at the Warnes’ home in Melbourne in the first game of the Ashes series.

England finally came off the Ashes in a memorable series in 2005, beating Australia 2–1 in a tight series. It was with the bat that Warne ended up securing “The Ashes” for Australia.

In the 1994/95 season. the young Warne played a key role in Australia’s consistent 3-1 victory. Young Warne picked 8/71 in England’s second inning during the opening. Test Gabba for a landslide victory and this transfer set the pattern for the rest of the sequence.

Warne scored a career-high 8/71 in the second innings of Gabba’s first Test, before taking 27 wickets in five Tests. As a result, Australia clinched the title, with the former men’s footballer named best on the field for his outstanding performances at crucial moments.

Vaughan performed one of his memorable spells in the final innings of the second Test match between Australia and the West Indies in the West Indies in 1992.

Australian legend Shane Warne speaks to the home crowd in the final Test on Ashes Boxing Day 2006-2007 as he beat England newcomer Andrew Strauss for his 700th wicket.

Since Shane Keith Warne announced his entry into Test cricket by throwing the ball to Mike Gatting at Old Trafford in 1993, his impact on the sport has been enormous.

Shane Keith Warne was “Warney”, the man who turned the tables on fashion, sexy cricket and inspired an entire generation of twirler wannabes; anyone who has bowled in the backyard, on the street, on the cricket field, has tried to play like Warney.

Another amazing bowling performance by Shane Warne and this time the opponents were the great Pakistani team of the 90s they looked like kids playing school as he circled them, especially in the second inning of that test match where he only lost 23 runs and collected 7 wickets in 16 around the world.


Once again looked in amazement at the unfolding greatness and knew that he would be one of the best ever and did not disappoint anyone.

Warne and his replacement Stuart McGill played in tandem when Warnes returned to the Australian side for the fifth Ash Test at the Sydney Cricket Ground where McGill took 12 wickets and Warne took two.

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