Best Family Insurance Health Plans Cashless- Mediclaim For Family

A family health insurance plan is an agreement that guarantees the health of your whole family. You can incorporate your friends, kids, subordinate kin, parents and parents in law in these plans. You need to pay a solitary premium and the whole guaranteed is shared across all individuals. The inclusion is by and large stretched out to up to six individuals from the family.

Benefits of family health insurance plans

  1. Single premium

Every individual in a family insurance plan are covered under a single health plan. This implies that you don’t need to pay separate premiums for singular members of your family. This single premium aides save a great deal on the family insurance financial plan.

  1. No bothers of separate policies

Monitoring the premium paid and claims made on singular health insurance plans for your relatives could end up being tedious. In any case, with a family plan, keeping a track on your mediclaim strategy can be significantly less of a problem. Having all your relatives covered  under a single insurance plan likewise disposes of the chance of giving and taking on clinical cost for any of your relatives.

  1. Adaptability to add more members

Under an individual cover, you need to purchase another health strategy each time you wish to guarantee another individual from your family. Nonetheless, a family health plan offers the adaptability to add new relatives in the current arrangement itself.

  1. Tax benefits if insurance plan

Similar as some other insurance plan, health plan offers tax benefits also. The premium paid on any health plan can guarantee for tax allowance under section 80D of the income tax Act, 1961.

  1. Discounts offered

At the point where you add more relatives in your family health plan, some health plan suppliers likewise offer discounts on the premium.

Here are some best family health insurance plans

    1. Aditya birla insurance –

This is a active health platinum family health plan. Total amount you can insure could be 1.2 lakh to 2 crores. It comes with pre hospitalization of 60 days and post hospitalization of 90 days and pre existing diseases of after a waiting period of 48 hours.

    2. Digital health insurance plan-

Total amount you could insure is from 1.2 lakhs to 25 lakhs and it doesn’t come with any pre existing diseases take away .

    3. Bharti AXA Health insurance –

This is a smart super health family health plan which also comes with 60 days of pre hospitalisation and 90 days of post hospitalization and waiting period of 48 months in pre existing diseases. Total amount that can insure is 1.5 lakhs to 1 crore.

   4. Bajaj Alianz Health insurance –

Bajaj Alianz Health insurance is a family floater health guard type of family health plan. Total amount that can insure is 1.5 lakhs to 50 lakhs. This plan also comes with a pre hospitalization of 60 days and post hospitalization of 90 days and pre existing diseases after a waiting period of 48 months.


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