How to resolve the error state in hp printer windows 10?

HP printer is the most popular. The Printer is used by people all around the world. There are 3 million users all around the world. American electronic company Hewlett-Packard developed HP printers in 1984.

How to Fix ‘HP Printer In Error State?

If your ‘Hp Printer Is In An Error State ‘, do not worry about this difficulty. If your working in a software field and your Printer gets an error, you will face a challenging and distressing situation. So here we are to help out fix the error on hp printer windows 10 in simple steps.


Steps to resolve hp printer window 10 from error state

Check the ink ad paper.

We should always start solving the problem using common easy steps

Confirm whether there is sufficient ink in the cartridge.

  • Check the ink in the cartridge is not emptied.
  • check if the paper is low
  • Lastly, check the paper is not stuck inside the paper tray.


Verifying the connections

This is the primary step sometimes, due to loose connections, errors may occur.

  • Make sure before you start this step the printer should be turned off because safety matters first.
  • If you have a wireless printer ensure the network lights are glowing correctly.
  • Check all the wires connected to the Printer which is linked with the computer are connected properly.
  • unplug the primary power supply wire and plug it back
  • restart the Printer as well as computer

Keep in mind the printer is not in offline mode hp printers.

If your issue is not solved by the previous, then there must be some internal technical issue.

  • Click on the control panel, where you will find an option called devices and printers.
  • Select the printer option there and make the status online if offline by clicking on use printer online.
  • If the printer’s status is successfully turned online, then you will see ready instead of offline.

Reinstall Printer Drivers hp printers:

Reinstalling the printer drivers may help you out to resolve the problem.

  • Open the view by large icons.
  • There you will find devices and printers. Click on that
  • then you have to right-click, choose to remove the device
  • After the removal, restart your computer.
  • Once the continuing is done, it will only analyze installing the printer; if not, then remove the plugged power supply and plug it back in.

Ensure print spooler support is set automatically

There is something called a print spoolerwhich plays a significant role in printing.

  • On your keyboard, press on the Windows logo key+R and then type services.MSc in the Run box option and press on the enter key.
  • Find the print spooler setting option; most probably, you will find it in the right pan, click on that and make sure it is set to start mode.
  • right-click on print spooler and select properties
  • You will find a start-up mode in the general tab to automatically click on apply then select ok.
  • after all these steps, close the services and restart your computer then if check whether the issue is fixed

update windows

Sometimes due to lack of updating, we will find an error. Always keep in mind all the updates are fulfilled to avoid unnecessary issues at essential times.

  • On your computer, press the start button, next there you need to open the settings option
  • after that, you will find an option called to update and security; choose that option
  • Select Windows update then check for any new updates.
  • If there are any updates, it will update itself later to complete the process,  reboot your computer now check the issue is fixed.

Installing drivers hp printers.

  • Proceed to the hp printer’s website.
  • Select download drivers.
  • Later, when the driver is installed, pick the hp printer model number under my printer section then click to submit.
  • Select download the complete driver.
  • Later, after the driver’s installation, you can see a green mark below the hp printer, which represents the printer is online and ready to use.


A printer in the software field is fundamental. All the steps are uncomplicated, user-friendly, and will resolve all the errors in printers. If the query is not solved, please contact the hp technician or call customer care support.


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