Amazing SEO Tips For Online Success Which We Have Been Ignoring

Here are a few secret SEO tips that can rejuvenate your dying blog. Look below and learn all about it.

Content structure is a great SEO tips

Content structure is the first great SEO tip for online success.

To understand the structure of the content, you can look at the image given above. Let’s read in detail to make it easier to understand.

Because we know that when writing blogs, titles, subtitles, captions, etc. from the blog, used so that every user who reads our blog can easily understand our blog and users should not experience problems when they visit our blog to read.

Having said that, there are a few things to keep in mind when writing a blog: –

  • It is important to use focus keywords in the first paragraph of the blog at the beginning or after 3-4 words.
  • The focus on keyword density should be at least 1% and a maximum of 1.5%.
  • The content must be easy to understand for the user experience.
  • Perform user requests on content.
  • There are no grammatical errors in the content.
  • Don’t use keyword filling.
  • Use additional keywords with your focus keyword.
  • Keyword Help

Let’s take a look at what assistive keywords are and how they can be used with focus keywords.

As we know, the long queue keyword, which is a combination of two keywords, is a keyword phrase to focus on. Likewise, when we use a word with our keyword focus, it is called an additional keyword.

Let’s say, our keyword focus is on SEO tips. Then we might use basic “SEO tips”, “types of SEO tips”, “SEO tips and tricks”, etc. These focus keywords are additional keywords.

Use useful keywords with keyword focus

Image SEO

Currently, we do not focus on SEO for images, while SEO has the largest share of SEO. Some of the points that take into account in image search engine optimization are as follows: –

  • The image size is under 100 kb.
  • Use a keyword phrase to focus on the image alt attribute.
  • Image name or title.
  • description of the image; impression
  • Internal connection

Use keyword in the last paragraph

It is not written that the use of focus keywords in the last paragraph is mandatory. However,  experience says, if you use focus keywords at the top and bottom of your blog, you can get some benefits.

Optimize for mobile devices is an SEO tips

Even if you’re not one of the millions of people who are glued to your smartphone most of the day, your prospects and customers include.

Google knows this and its search engine has long preferred mobile-friendly websites. Websites that are easy to use on mobile devices rank higher in search results.

However, you can find out how user-friendly your mobile version of the site design is. Just test it with the Google mobility test. You will get reports on how easy it is for users to understand the site on their phone or tablet.

To make sure your website is more mobile, focus on what’s called responsive design, which sees different versions of your content appear depending on the device being accessed. Most website themes have responsive designs built-in, but some of them are up to you. Think about how you can make your most valuable content more accessible to mobile users. Think mobile when you choose fonts and embed functional elements, and make sure buttons and menus can be easily clicked with your finger on a mobile device screen.

Can be found by voice search

The search bar is still grand, but starting a voice search with a shout “Hey, Google”, waking up with Siri, or asking Amazon Alexa is getting more and more common every day. However, by taking a few steps we’ve reached the point where 30% of all web browsers and searches performed without touching the screen. Since this search isn’t just about getting directions or finding interesting facts. Most Millennials use voice search as the first step in making online purchases. Inclusion in voice search results is a tie to the credibility of your website. Only websites deemed niche experts will return.

If you can identify your website as being a leader in providing accurate information about a subject, you will most likely include people’s voice search results. This is all about some great SEO tip for online success.



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